• Launching the Displate Design Studio
  • Displate among top 50 tech companies in CEE
  • Meet the new CEO of Displate
Launching the Displate Design Studio
Displate among top 50 tech companies in CEE
Meet the new CEO of Displate
Launching the Displate Design Studio

Design Studio is a new department at Displate, which will be responsible for developing our physical products – metal posters, accessories, and some completely new products in the future. This way you will be able to enjoy your collections even more. Stay tuned for the f...
Meeting the needs of sophisticated gamers! Enter Displate - a modern canvas of the 21st century that elevates art to the next level.

Make your home even geekier with elegant, sturdy, and collectible metal posters that will last for years.
Displate among top 50 tech companies in CEE

The latest Digital Champions CEE ranking has recognized Displate as one of the best technology companies in Central and Eastern Europe. In the report prepared by the Digital Poland Foundation, we are placed among the top 50 companies in the region. So proud!
Live for Just Join IT on about building a product brand

Why does a marketplace for designs printed on metal plates pay so much attention to technology? What are we doing to make it easier for our customers to find and order designs of their choice that will then be efficiently delivered to their homes or offices? These were s...
Meet the new CEO of Displate

We are pleased to announce that there have been some changes at Displate! 💪 Mateusz Godala, the former CMO, is the new CEO of Displate. He stepped in for Karol Banaszkiewicz, co-founder of the company, who joined the board.
A new milestone for Displate: 5 million metal posters sold 😎

Already 5 million metal posters designed by talented artists from all over the world found their way to the collections of Displate customers. We delivered them to 64 countries! In just over a year, our customers bought half as many prints as during the first 7 years of ...
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Displate is the leading marketplace for top-quality metal posters. To make that happen we work with the biggest brands and most talented artists out there. Our partners include a few names that you may have heard of, like Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Bethesda, NASA, and The Witcher.

What is Displate itself?
Displate is a one-of-a-kind metal poster designed to capture your unique passions. We’ve created a 21st century canvas that’s sturdy, magnet mounted, and durable enough to withstand a lifetime of intense staring.
But staring is only half the fun! You can customize, collect, and rearrange them at will – it only takes 20 seconds to set them up with no power tools, no damages, no frustrations.